Pew, what a scorcher! Heated cushions for chilly churches

ByDave Hall

Pew, what a scorcher! Heated cushions for chilly churches

As churches face soaring heating bills this winter, a pew cushion that automatically warms up when worshippers sit on it will be introduced for the first time at next week’s CRE National.

The cushion has proved popular in VIP seats at football stadiums, on boats and particularly in the catering industry where some customers prefer to sit outside in all weathers. Anthony Gerard of Sit & Heat has worked for more than 30 years working with designers, architects and catering organisations all over the world.

‘Our cushions have proved their worth in many outdoor settings and I believe churches will find them very useful in these days of rising energy prices,’ he said. ‘The cushion only gets warm when someone sits on it. The heated back and seat receive power via a battery, which has an effective sitting time of three hours. As soon as the seat is free again, the heating turns off after two minutes. Re-charging is easy, too.

‘Despite the fact that the heating is turned on long before the service, the central heating of a church building causes extremely high energy costs. In addition, the central heating of a church building can cause damage to the historic interior. With the Sit & Heat heating system, churchgoers are heated directly with no more unnecessary energy consumption!’

Catherine Ross, the Church of England’s Open and Sustainable Church Officer – a role which includes energy efficiency – said: ‘Using approaches such as heated seat cushions, which heat the people not the whole church space, can, in the right circumstances, be a great way to cut both the energy use and carbon footprint of a church.’

• Sit & Heat are on stand J4 at CRE National 2022

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