Unwrapping the present Covid cannot steal

Dave HallByDave Hall

Unwrapping the present Covid cannot steal

At a time when many people feel Covid-19 will rob them of Christmas, a new seasonal giveaway book has been published that opens a door for the gospel. 

Phil Heaps, co-pastor of Highbury Baptist Church, has written Who Stole Christmas? – to show how the real message of the incarnation has everything we need.

‘The real Christmas has everything we need – a sense of awe and a balance between realism and hope,’ he said. ‘It also offers real joy, whatever life throws at you. If you want those things then this book’s for you. And if you want them for your friends, then this book is for them.

‘It’s only short. They can read it in one sitting and it might just be the best Christmas present they’ve ever had.’

Mark Roberts, managing director of publishers Day One, said: ‘Many people are fooled by a Christmas that leaves an empty feeling. This book will help churches bring the gospel to their neighbours.’

Ian Hamilton, professor of historical theology at Westminster Presbyterian Seminary, Newcastle, said: ‘Phil Heaps could not have done a better job in explaining simply what the Bible tells us about the true meaning of Christmas.’

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