Chaplaincy: The new missional frontline

Rev Jonathan WoodhouseChaplaincy: The new missional frontline
Rev Jonathon Woodhouse CB, Moorlands College
Wednesday 16 October, 12 noon, Room 3

A soft-skilled, inclusive, relational and incarnational ministry offering spiritual support, pastoral care and ethical questions in the contemporary public space of work and leisure. Chaplaincy operates on the edge of the church, but at the heart of the gospel.

In this seminar you will:

• Discover the explosion of chaplaincy ministry in the UK from the community of faith to the community of work and play

• Recognise this to be an acceptable face of Christianity in the public space where you can engage in soft-skilled, relational and open ways with everyone

• Appreciate the ability to listen and discuss contentious issues with people of all faiths and no faith in fluid life situations.

• Value the integrity of working in teams with those of other faiths while remaining true to your Christian journey

• Re-imagine the emerging opportunities of chaplaincy in your locality and region

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