Sound advice: ignore the end user at your peril

Dave HallByDave Hall

Sound advice: ignore the end user at your peril

Your morning service is about to begin and the technologically-literate person who operates the AV equipment is not available – what do you do?

Andy Pidsley, managing director of APi Sound and Visual, believes the end user is the most ignored factor in most installations – but arguably the most important. 

‘No matter the quality of the equipment, everything hinges on whether your users know how to operate it properly,’ explains Andy. ‘It is important to find out who is available to form a small team operating the AV.’

Often there is someone who has a greater understanding of what is required.

‘We call them Super Users – great to have around when things go wrong!’ says Andy. ‘However, I suggest your system is designed around the average level of ability so everyone is comfortable operating it. If your Super User is unavailable, you won’t be left floundering.’ 

Nowadays there are some great products that allow you to achieve great sound and images and still keep the user interface really simple. Many also automatically reset to the default settings so you never get caught out if changes have been made by previous users. 

‘A crucial part to our installations is a thorough handover with training and full after-sales support,’ said Andy, ‘so that all users feel confident using the system. Because of APi Sound and Visual’s many years of experience and technical know-how we can look at your project and tailor it to completely suit your church – and most importantly, your users.’ 

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