To the Sandown foyer, on a wing and a prayer

ByDave Hall

To the Sandown foyer, on a wing and a prayer

For the first time visitors to CRE National 2022 will be greeted by a full-sized Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) plane in the foyer.

‘At every exhibition people tell us mission is a key area they are looking to resource in their churches,’ said event director Brett Pitchfork. ‘We thought it was time to put it centre stage!’

In February, 15 organisations from the South West Agencies Network (SWAN) exhibited at CRE South West alongside MAF, under the title Mission on the Map.

‘Over two days in Exeter, a steady stream of visitors came through Mission on the Map,’ said Mike Frith of OSCAR (pictured far left), ‘giving rise to conversations about all aspects of mission, enquiries about serving and supporting and some fantastic networking opportunities.

‘It also enabled many of these organisations to connect/reconnect with their existing contacts/supporters in the south west. One mission organisation reported 55 connections over the two days, significantly more than most places where they exhibit.

‘The success of the venture in Exeter has prompted us to run a similar zone at Sandown Park – this time in pride of place, above the steps in the entrance foyer!’ said Brett.

United Beach Missions, Church Mission Society, OSCAR and OMF are among the organisations already taking part in Mission on the Map at CRE National 2022. Other agencies considering taking a stand should contact the CRE sales team on 0161 240 4500.

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