A novel insight into Genesis

ByDave Hall

A novel insight into Genesis

What was it like in the Garden of Eden, in a perfect world where nothing went wrong?

That was one of a number of questions which intrigued Sylvia Penny – so much so that she decided to write a novel with Genesis as a theme.

Eve and the Angel of Light is the result, published this month by the Open Bible Trust.

‘I have always been interested in Genesis and how it was in the beginning of the world,’ she said. ‘What was it like to walk and talk with God as Adam and Eve did? And what if you did not understand what “wrong” meant? I wanted to write a book like this for many years but the pandemic gave me more time to think about it. It is the story of Adam and Eve in the beginning: the story of life and death, good and evil, suffering and redemption.

‘It tells of where we all came from, and why it all went wrong. Ultimately it is about our future hope and destiny.’

Eve and the Angel of Light is Sylvia’s first novel, although she has previously written many theological books and booklets. A biblical scholar and theologian, she wants the book to give Christians a broader understanding of the faith and answer some of their questions, but also hopes it may be accessible to young people and ‘an introduction to how everything started.’

At 67, she brings a wealth of experience and theological knowledge to bear on a particularly difficult part of the Bible.

Husband Michael, the trust’s administrator, said: ‘Our trustees decided that this novel would introduce a different audience to scripture, in particular Genesis and the start of the faith.’

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