Bean bags, biscuits and books, books, books

Dave HallByDave Hall

Bean bags, biscuits and books, books, books

Bean bags, biscuits and books, books, books are one man’s vision for the perfect ‘quiet spot’ in every church.

Dave Gatward, managing director of Kevin Mayhew Publishing, said: ‘I want to start a revolution in which churches choose a place where everyone, whatever their age, reads together, where an 89-year-old sits down and enjoys a book with a child of three.’

The company imprint, Palm Tree, is to launch new books in an ever-expanding range for children with the first in the series available at CRE North next week. The first ones include Bible Birds and Beasties, What Happens when You Die, Grandpa? and Dedication Prayers, along with The Classic Children’s Bible.

‘We will publish new books in the series at least twice a year in an ever-expanding range,’ continued Dave, who wants churches to start a children’s library ‘filled with amazing books that they will want to read again and again, and thus learn more about just how much God loves them. Books are the best gifts – they never run out of batteries.’

He also aims to see churches hold prize-givings, celebrating children’s achievements by the presentation of books ‘they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.’

Palm Tree plan to release a book with the Christmas story in September, and Dave hopes others in the range will be used to mark dedications and Christenings.

‘Don’t let the family walk away with nothing,’ he said. ‘Give them a book. Write in it some lovely things from the church and keep in touch. Visitors to our stand at CRE North will be able to get a special pre-order offer complete with samples of the first set of titles. This has me tingling with excitement. I have absolute faith in the transformative power Palm Tree books will have in churches and families.

‘These are books chosen with care and love. I want churches to fall in love with them and to be desperate to find out what’s coming next. And I want children to have books to love, books to be read to and from, books at church and books at home.’

• Kevin Mayhew are on stand C29 at CRE North

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