Carla Jane: first steps to understanding the true meaning of worship

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Carla Jane: first steps to understanding the true meaning of worship

Worship is something we do a lot at church but understand little – an observation that has made one of the contributors to Worship Wednesday (Oct 16) think hard over the past year.

‘A leading pioneer of modern worship said we’re currently big on imitation not revelation,’ said worship leader and choir director Carla Jane (pictured). ‘In coming together at Sandown Park, we can equip ourselves and our church communities anew. My prayer is that we will discover greater truths of the revealed wonder of God, which causes our hearts and knees to bow in reverence.’

An award-winning vocalist and choir director for the New Testament Church of God, Carla facilitates workshops for gospel choirs and church vocal groups. For the past nine years she has worked as a vocal coach and choir director across schools in Manchester and Liverpool, inspiring adults and children to ‘Sing it like you mean it’ – a motto she uses to encourage them to sing with passion and conviction.

Among those joining Carla for Worship Wednesday will be Chris Bowater, Roger Jones, Lou Fellingham, Noel Robinson and Roy Francis. Beginning at 11am, there will be four sessions:

What on earth is worship?
Establishing an agreed definition and understanding

Who on earth is worship for?
Discussing our relationship with God and each other

How on earth should we worship?
Validating differing styles and genres of worship

Worship: heaven help us!
Worship in spirit and truth requires the help and leading of the Holy Spirit

‘Our worship – whether contemporary or traditional, high church or low – should eschew man-focused experientialism and embrace the transcendent God,’ said Chris Bowater. ‘We’ll be attempting to show you how to do that in your church during Worship Wednesday.’

• Worship Wednesday runs from 11am on Wed 16 Oct at CRE National 2019

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