Finding the good in grief

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Finding the good in grief

Through TV, radio, social media, YouTube, films, newspapers we are bombarded with death and dying – so how should we respond?

Rev Canon Dr Sandra Millar (pictured), head of projects and developments in the Church of England, will lead a seminar at CRE national 2019 (11am, Thu 17 Oct) to explore how we can best deal with the effects of bereavement and serve communities in grief.

Dr Millar will present insights into recent research by an innovation consultancy around how we remember loved ones online. She will also share information on how the bereaved expect and want to be kept in touch with – and for how long.

‘I will also introduce visitors to a wide range of resources available to churches through the Church Support Hub and Church Print Hub – all tailor-made to increase the number of ways we can reach and support bereaved people,’ she said. ‘And I will lead a discussion on the Church of England’s unique role in ministering to the bereaved – at the very heart of our vocation.

‘Very often we will not know what happens to those we meet, whether wider or warm contacts. They may light a candle in a cathedral or a small church when on holiday; years may go by until the next occasion triggers big feelings, big questions, big thoughts. But we can touch many lives every week, sowing seeds of the good news of God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ, and known in love, hope and grace in life’s big moments.

‘We have the privilege of meeting people and journeying with them, locally and nationally, in prayer and in person. Let’s recognise and value all whom we meet.’

• Rev Canon Dr Sandra Millar will speak on Death, Dying and Bereavement (11am, Thu 17 Oct)

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