Introducing the colouring book that doubles as a tract

Dave HallByDave Hall

Introducing the colouring book that doubles as a tract

It may be a simple colouring book but it can mean a great deal to a displaced person.

For what makes these products unique is that each one has the Scriptures in English, plus another language – for example Arabic, Farsi, Swahili and Somali.

‘It’s an unusual way of reaching refugees and immigrants but these are colouring books with a difference!’ said Jamie Pritchett, founder of The Good News Colouring Book Ministry, based in Merritt Island, Florida. ‘Each book is really a tract, using only the Scriptures to tell the story of Jesus – his miraculous birth, life, death and resurrection.’ 

Jamie believes there is nothing quite like arriving in a new country and seeing something written in your own language.

‘People immediately gravitate toward something that they can read easily,’ explained Jamie. ‘Being dual-language, the book helps them learn their target language and also tells the story of Jesus. And it can be downloaded, free of charge, from the internet.’ 

The ministry is in its 21st year and new languages are added as they become available, or as they are requested.  

‘We are excited to have a stand at CRE North,’ said Linda Riddell, artist and illustrator of the books. ‘We hope many churches and individuals will find out how to use these simple tracts to share the gospel with people all over Britain.’

• The Good News Colouring Book are on Stand P13 at CRE North

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