Why Embrace are ‘super excited’ to bring beautiful handicrafts to UK

ByDave Hall

Why Embrace are ‘super excited’ to bring beautiful handicrafts to UK

Beautiful handicrafts from Middle Eastern artisans will be on display at CRE Midlands 23 in November.

‘We have always been passionate about finding ways to enable artisans to market their lovely products abroad, whilst still making sure fair trade practices are met,’ said Dan O’Callaghan, head of trading at Embrace the Middle East, a Christian development charity tackling poverty and injustice in the region. ‘We are super excited to showcase handicrafts from one of our long-standing Lebanese partners for the first time.’

Tahaddi is a community-based organisation serving an informal settlement in Beirut. Well known for their work in education and primary healthcare, Tahaddi also has an initiative called the Sewing Atelier in which 25 local women are trained as seamstresses. They go on to produce beautiful, practical merchandise such as bags, aprons, oven mitts and the like.

‘These are sold in local markets and hospitals and through local businesses and NGOs – this can be life-changing for families living on the breadline,’ said Dan. ‘Not only does the project provide a modest income but also a sense of self-worth and community. This year we’ve imported four of Tahaddi’s accessories – a tote bag, an accessory bag, a beach bag and a pencil case and these will be available at CRE Midlands 23. In future we hope to expand our range.’

• Embrace the Middle East are on stand E3 at CRE Midlands 23

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