Youth Zone responds to ‘heart-breaking’ report

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Youth Zone responds to ‘heart-breaking’ report

A quarter of a million UK children are unhappy according to a new report from the Children’s Society.

And another large-scale study of young people, from the Barna Group and World Vision, shows four in ten are anxious about important decisions and uncertain about the future. Only one third say they feel deeply cared for by those around them.

Laura Hancock, national ministries director for Youth for Christ, said: ‘It is heart-breaking to hear of the brokenness many children and young people feel in this generation. They may feel anxious, lonely and disconnected but there is hope. Jesus promises to provide peace, relationship, connection, hope and purpose, and this is what we shall be tackling at CRE National 2019.’

The Children’s Society’s Matt Hussey said the research showed that while young people are feeling more isolated and alone, youth groups were an ideal way to bring them together to promote positive relationships and friendships – and a safe space to talk about issues concerning them.

Sponsored by YFC, the exhibition’s Youth Zone will feature a number of organisations providing churches with the means to reach young people, enabling them to find a new life and meaning in Jesus Christ.

Laura was a former youth pastor in London and outreach worker in local schools, before marrying Andy, youth pastor at Lifecentral Church, Halesowen.

‘The hands and feet to reach youngsters are in the local church,’ she said. ‘I encourage CRE visitors to call in at the Youth Zone where I am sure the organisations there will suggest ways in which a local church can help or get help.’

Exhibitors in the Youth Zone include:

• Acet UK
• Bible Educational Services
• Counties
• Hope UK
• Kisumu Children Trust
• Latin Link
• Pulse Ministries
• Youth for Christ
• Youthscape

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