Play now, pay later strikes the right chord

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Play now, pay later strikes the right chord

With the pandemic putting local church finances under pressure, one company is pulling out all the stops to make sure the music doesn’t stop.

‘We have introduced a special deal because churches are currently in a difficult position,’ said Tony Packer, who started Viscount Organs (Wales) 13 years ago. ‘Our Play Now, Pay Later scheme offers a new organ at a modest deposit with interest-free payments spread over the following two years. We appreciate that times are hard and may continue so until the pandemic reaches the stage at which churches are back to normal. We also realise that church finances have been hit with fewer people in the socially-distanced congregations.’

Based in South Wales, the company operatives were recently permitted to travel out of the area and the first post-lockdown installation was completed at St Anne’s RC Church in Margate.

‘We were delighted to be the preferred supplier for St Anne’s,’ said Tony. ‘The chosen instrument was our magnificent Envoy 35F in real oak with seven channels of audio and featuring our new infrasonic Subwoofer system. This was a long-term rental with the option to convert to our exclusive Rent-to-Own Scheme at the end of the rental period.’

Play Now Pay Late provides a unique interest-free one or two-year plan for a home practice organ and avoids the full initial outlay for a new instrument.

‘We also offer this plan for churches and educational settings,’ said Tony. ‘Queen Anne’s School in Caversham recently took advantage of this offer.’ 

Viscount’s most popular instruments, the Chorum 40 S and the Envoy 23 S, are available from as little £189.00 per month. The plan cost is exactly the same as if purchased outright and the company can also provide a customised plan to meet personal requirements.

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