Study Zone: Deepen your learning, sharpen your skills

Dave HallByDave Hall

Study Zone: Deepen your learning, sharpen your skills

Several colleges will come together to form a Study Zone at CRE National 2019.

The initiative is for people of all ages interested in theological study and its practical implementation at every level – from short courses to doctorates, summer schools to evening classes, residential or online. 

‘We are delighted so many organisations are taking the opportunity to showcase all they have to offer our visitors,’ said CRE MD Steve Goddard. ‘If you’ve thought about studying further but never got round to it, Sandown Park is where you’ll discover the options available.’

The zone will be situated around a bespoke seminar area, where participating colleges will contribute short presentations on the whys and wherefores of theological study and life-long learning. Several college representatives, including two principals, Rev Dr David Hilborn of Moorlands and Andy Dipper, of All Nations, will contribute to the general seminar and CRED talk programme. Click here for the full seminar schedule.

‘It’s never too late to begin, though studying Greek and Hebrew when I was 20 gave me a much deeper understand of the Christian faith,’ said Steve. ‘We were also given a range of tasks to apply our faith in a practical way – and that was just as important. Whatever academic qualifications you have, or don’t have, one or other of the colleges will provide a way forward.’ 

The colleges taking part in the Study Zone at CRE National 2019 are:

All Nations Christian College
London School of Theology
Moorlands College
Oak Hill College
Waverley Abbey College

• The Study Zone runs from stands SZ1 to SZ5 at CRE National 2019

Photo: Oak Hill College students, Eleanor Bentall

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