Torch Trust sets sights on 50,000 UK churches

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Torch Trust sets sights on 50,000 UK churches

Some 250 people a day are diagnosed with sight loss – but a click on this mapreveals much of the UK population miles from a church offering inclusive facilities.

CRE National 2019 exhibitor Torch Trust aims to change all that. Currently celebrating 60 years of seeing those living with sight loss grow in faith and thrive in Christian community, the trust is looking to partner with more than 50,000 churches across the UK. It will present Sight Loss Friendly Church at CRE National 2019 – an initiative to equip and enable churches to consider the needs of those with sight loss, providing free expert advice and guidance, workshops, training and accessible Christian literature and resources. 

‘We can’t wait to meet you at Sandown Park (stand B4) as part of Churches for All,’ said Torch Trust’s Melissa Armstrong.‘Don’t leave CRE without chatting about the particular needs in your church.’

For the first time, the CRE visitor handbook will be available in large print and braille versions (at the reception and at the Churches for All stands), courtesy of CRE and Torch Trust.Torch Trust also produce a wide range of helpful material including braille and large print bibles, audio and electronic media. It also runs a postal library providing a regular supply of Christian books.

• The Torch Trust (stand B4) are part of Churches for All (stands B3 to B5) at CRE National 2019

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